Choosing a Floor Plan

When choosing or designing a floor plan, take the lay of the land into consideration. If you have a nice bluff, you may want a walk-out basement with a garage. A piece of land with a view that is out of this world needs a floor plan that shows that view off from as many angles as possible. If the land is flat, you may want a sprawling home with everything on one floor. Or, if you have a disabled person living in your home, you may want one story with wider halls. Once you decide on the type of house you want, make a sketch of the floor plan you want. It doesn’t have to be perfect—we’ll work from your drawing.

If you plan on living out the rest of your life in this house, be sure to include everything you think you might want. You might be a young couple without children now, but if you plan on having kids, plan for those extra bedrooms, a playroom that could be turned into an office later and extra bathrooms—especially if you have girls!

If you’re a crafty person, you may want to make space for a spacious craft room with built-in storage. Or a library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a large window with a built-in seat overlooking a view.

Take your time designing your dream home so that you are sure to have everything you want. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Choose the Style

Homes come in many styles. You may like a particular style such as a ranch, cabin, saltbox, a craftsmen, A-frame or even a mansion. When choosing your style, keep in mind the accessories you may want such as a wrap-around porch, decks or a pool.

In most cases, the outside style reflects the inside style. A cabin might have an all-wood interior. Part of the craftsmen’s style is the colors you chose inside and out. A farmhouse might have an extra-large kitchen and dining area. A-frame interiors have tons of options. You might have a half of a second story. The living area might be open up to the ceilings while the loft part, which could be open to the lower level, might be bedrooms or one large open room.

Design the Interior

Create a list of your must-haves for the interior. A wood-burning or gas fireplace for the living room and den—or a fireplace that separates the living and dining rooms and is seen from both sides add character to your home as do built-ins for other rooms. Even a built-in entertainment center in the den or living room sets of your home as something different.

Large bathrooms, spacious walk-in closets, large showers with multiple showerheads or even a jetted tub are all part of the interior design that you should think of when designing your home.


Determine whether you want built-ins such as bookshelves, an entertainment center, cubbies for art or even storage for a craft room. Give the builder your specifics for built-ins and where you want them. If you would like the refrigerator to look built-in specify that in your kitchen design. A built-in sound system keeps wiring for speakers out of sight. A built-in vacuum helps with clean-up. Even built-in towel warmers in the bathroom are a customized personal touch that you may want.

Windows and Skylights

The type of windows you choose will depend on whether you like a lot of windows that let in tons of light or you want to see a view. A large bay window in the living room allows tons of natural light into a living room, den or dining room and allows you to see the views you bought the property for. Atrium doors or sliding doors off the den, dining room or master suite could lead out to a deck and let in more light than windows.

Skylights in the bathrooms and other living areas also let in more light. If you don’t like skylights but want more light in the bathrooms, you might consider long, narrow windows above the shower and/or bathtub. If they are put in close to the ceiling, you won’t need window treatments other than for décor and they allow quite a bit of natural light in. Choosing tilt-in windows allows for easy cleaning. Triple-pane windows help keep energy costs down.

Extra Rooms

If you want extra rooms for crafts, a library, an office or even a retreat off the master suite, determine what you want to use that room for. You could have a plain room or add built-ins such as specially built craft storage or bookshelves for a library.

Flooring and Walls

Determine what you want for flooring and wall coverings. The possibilities are endless. You might want hardwood floors, Italian tile, linoleum, carpets or even natural stone. Specify if the floors should be heated. Walls could be wood such as in a log cabin, sheetrock, paneling or any other material you wish. Painted sheetrock makes it easy to change your décor after a few years—you just paint it. Take your tastes into consideration when choosing wall coverings. You may like one look now and may want to change it in a few years. Log walls are great for those who would never want anything else.

The Kitchen

If you have a cook in your family, pay special attention to the kitchen. The larger it is, the better—at least for those who love to cook. Pull-out spice racks, lazy susans, a large pantry, a baking bar with a marble countertop, built-in fridge, a large farmhouse sink, built-in ovens, a large bread drawer and of course, cabinet style all make up a dream kitchen.

If you don’t have anyone who likes to cook, you might consider keeping the kitchen on the smaller side to make room for additional rooms such as a breakfast room with a view of the mountains or the beach.

Why Choose Mosteller Construction

When you want a company that cares, you choose a family-run company. Dee Mosteller and his son Douglas have over 25 years of experience in building custom homes. When you think of a family-run business, you think of trust, and that is what Dee and Douglas built their reputation as excellent custom home builders on.

Make your dreams come true with everything you require in a builder, including building skills, trust, honesty, excellent customer service and communication and faith when you choose Mosteller Construction. Because we know how important it is for your dream home to be exactly what you want, we use quality materials and make sure we understand exactly what you want in a floor plan, the style and design of the home and the extra features that make a house a home.